Why has he contacted me again?

I met this guy at a party, and of course we hooked up but not all the way. We kept in contact the whole week and made plans for the following week. He texted me everyday before the date.

During the date, we had sex, went out to dinner, and then watched TV and snuggled for a few hours at my place. I had not heard from him since, and I did not even want to have sex. He invited himself up and started taking off my clothes.

I did not hear from him for a week or so, so I congratulated him saying that he got what he wanted and he had no clue what he was pulling. He didn't respond after that.

Yesterday, however, he texted me saying happy holidays, with my name. and I responded vaguely asking how he was. We texted back and forth a bit and he responded in paragraph responses, not 2-3 word responses. I told him I was on vacation, and he also asked when I get back.

I am have also been talking to this guy and we have discussed dating, where we text everyday over winter break around the clock the whole day. He is shy but respects me and is willing to wait for a bit, but I am definitely not some saint. He still says he doesn't know what he wants, so I am not sure yet either what to expect from him. He is kind of shy at first but is opening up more than before, and he is 2 years younger than me. I am a senior and he is a sophomore, and we are in college.


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  • You'll pick the guy who just uses you. Chicks can't help it. Seriously. Someone who is good and kind and wants to treat with you with respect doesn't scratch the itch.

    • why is he texting me again then? because I do not want to have sex with him again. honestly he was a horrible date.


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  • from what you described, he sounded kind of like he is using you, but he might be just shy though. if he wants to wait and is sending long text messages, my guess is he is kind of serious. why don't you talk to him face to face and discuss things, but DONT have sex with him for some time and see if he still wants to talk to you.

  • If you are not into him, stop replying to his messages.


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  • I'm not sure what your question is?Are you asking why he contacted you after initially not texting you for a week? If so, did you try texting him first? Or were you waiting? Your in college and unfortunately guys are after one thing. When it comes to keeping a guy interested you have to be fun, and flirty, not needy or dramatic. The fact that he is still trying to connect with you says something, because he could just ignore you completely if he wanted. Dating sucks and is confusing. Don't get your feelings hurt. Just be yourself & don't stress what you can't control. Now if only I would listen to my own advice...

    • he at first ignored me but now after a week or two he wishes me a merry Christmas. I asked how he was and he responded with paragraph responses.