IN person its great, he never texts/IMs me though :(

So its weird, usually people have great conversations on IM/text and in person theyre okay (if there's a problem communicating) ... my and my crush in person amazing! He starts conversations, compliments me, etc. Yet he never texts me, or starts an I'm with me. Should I take this personal? if he liked me he would wouldn't he? I always seem to start text/IMs and I don't like this.


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  • Nah don't take it personally, I'm a better guy in person than by text... I hate texting, I feel like I'm texting at inapproriate times with crap they don't want to here... 'Hi' 'How're you' 'Me Too...' End of conversation *dammit!*

  • Does he even have text on his phone? Other than that.. He might just not like texting/iming, maybe?


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