Girls after how long should ask girl on a date?

I met this girl 24 years old like 3 months ago and I see her like 1 or 2 times a week in school , well I can tell that I like he , she is not shy and not a party girl plus she enjoy to play with kids . We have a nice friendship so girls I need your advice really open


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  • I met my boyfriend through a friend randomly a day we were gonna hang out all three. Me and him didn't know one another from before but he liked me when we met. After we split that day he called me to ask me out, only two hours later. I honestly do think that the earlier the better because you do want to give her the impression of that you liked her right away plus I don't think you want her to put you in the friend zone and that will happen if you wait that long. 3 months is too f***ing long all I have to say to you wating for three fukkin months, is, GROW A PAIR ^.^


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  • 3 months ago

  • (im so sorry :( I think that I accidentally reported you! I didn't mean to I was trying to reply to your other comment. I am new to this site and I didn't mean to click the report button...please don't be mad at me I swear it was an accident :/)

    if she is not outgoing it doesn't matter, just suggest something simple as a first date. :)

  • ask her out!

    If you are nervous about her reaction maybe suggest something casual as a first date.

    If she says no, then just continue being her friend :)

    • I'm not nervous is the fact that she is not an outgoing girl

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