Wants to go out? Maybe?

So the other night one of my guy friends asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream so I said sure. After he dropped me off he texted me and asked "Okay so.. if a guy that you've known for awhile were to ask you out, what would you say?" And I told me I'd probably first ask why he wants to go out with me. Just cause I'm curious. He never replied and never asked me out or anything. Did I say something wrong? lol Why would someone not mention it again if it sounds like they want to date you?


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  • That in a way was his form of asking you out before actually asking, he wants to know what'd you'd say so he doesn't make a fool of himself

  • Hah yeah maybe you scared him off, so now he doesn't know how to go about the whole "asking you out" kinda thing anymore.