Crush has commitment problems?

My crush and I are in both in college and we've been casually dating (not officially gf/bf) for a few months, though I've known her since I came to college last year. We recently had a talk about what we are. She told me that she has some commitment problems due to a pretty crazy ex of hers. She's afraid of the same thing happening that happened when she dated him (manipulative stuff) so she has trouble committing herself. I asked what I could do to help and she said for me to just keep being myself. She also added that she didn't want to close any doors by being "just friends". I'm cool with this because it seems like it's just going to have to be time as I earn her trust. My question is, how will I know when she's finally ready to officially date? I'm not in a rush by any means, but I want to know how I'll know when she's finally ready. Thanks:)


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  • Just be careful she is not stringing you along... You want to make sure its real and your not just a guy to fall back on... Are either of you seeing other people as well?

    • I'm certainly not seeing other people, and I'm pretty sure she isn't.

    • well then I suppose wait but if I was you I wouldn't put all my eggs into one basket... don't shut yourself off from others waiting on her.Keep your options open...

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  • You will know when she tells you. Just make sure she isn't trying to manipulate YOU, like her ex did her.


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  • She'll know when.

    • So am I to assume that she'll say something when she's ready to make it official?

    • Oh man, when she's ready, chix can't wait to have "the talk"