Should I just leave him alone? Don't know if he really wants to hang out or not?

For our first date he initiated everything. He even reminded me about the date and if I was still available. When I got home afterward I texted him thank you and then he replied 'no problem. Text me if you want to so it again.' I texted him and asked him later if he wanted to hang out and all he said was 'yea sure'. I replied 'k:) when do you leave again?' he replied 'jan 9'. After that I replied 'k Ill let You know.' I'm confused because before he was taking so much initiative and now in his replies it seems as if he doesn't care. Should I just leave him alone? I don't wanna seem like I'm pestering him or anything..


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  • WHAT?WHAT?Seriously? to quote you: After that I replied 'k Ill let You know.' He is waiting for you to let him know, since you know that's what you told him. Just tell him when you're free and am sure he'll make it work out.


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  • If I am reading this correctly, this one is in your hands. If he didn't want to hang out again he wouldn't have agreed to