Is datemyschool the next big thing in online dating?

Have any of you guys ever used I got an invite from it a couple days in my college email account. At first I was very skeptical about using it because it is a dating site. However after setting up an account and exploring, I think it's a great site. You get to select who you want to talk to by you college, state, and etc. I looks a lot safer than your traditional dating sites. What do you guys think about it though? Do y'all use datemyschool to talk to local girls in your school or what?


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  • Is it an only American thing or international?

    • It's American. DatemySchool is for college kids and alumni and the site except has around 800 colleges in its datebase.

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  • I am on it and like it a lot... I meet normal girls that are not on other sites because it's safer and more private (they very every user during signup process). I don't care that much about safety, but those girls do and I can get a date in 30 min with really cool people because of that.. I also like that people I know don't see me on it since I can exclude classmates or the entire college...