He always texts but never mentions actually getting together...what does that mean?

I met this guy about a month ago and we have been talking ever since. He lives out of town so we have only been talking, no dating. He is always the one to start the conversation which would make me think he is interested, but he is in town for a little while and has made no mention of us hanging out. I brought it up once a little while ago saying that I better get to see him while he is here and he said of course but now nothing. I don't want to constantly be the one to bring it up, but he isn't here for too long and I really want to see him. If he was interested wouldn't he initiate it himself? And will I look desperate if I mention it again?

Not sure if I made this clear, or if it makes a difference, but we have met in person. He is a friend of a roommate and was stayed with us for a weekend. He was very flirty and affectionate in person so its not a lack of confidence, at least I don't think so.


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  • I think you should mention it and make it very clear with a time a date. If he dances around then dump him. Unless you have time to waste or settle being indefinite text buddies. You need to to take charge here. This is when a girl needs to assert herself

    • @update. Either way you got to make a stand or it him off. Unless you want to continue same way

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  • He prefers the fantasy relationship, or he's ashamed about something about himself


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  • He's probably talking to other girls and just wants to keep you on the line so he has his "pick of the litter". Actions always speak louder than words. Don't look at what he is saying, look at what he is doing. He isn't making any effort to hangout. All he's giving you are empty words. Just ask him straight up if he wants to hangout or if he's just going to keep texting you. And if he shows no action still, stop talking to him. A guy who is interested in you will take action to see you.