Should I ask for a second date at the end of the first?

I asked a girl out for coffee and she said yes! This'll be my first date ever - I've taken girls to coffee or lunch before but in every other case it was clear beforehand that it was only as friends. This time, there might be more!

So I was wondering, ladies, would you rather the guy asks you out to a second date at the end of the first date or calls in the next day or two instead? All, of course, assuming that the irst date goes well.

This particular girl is a co-worker of mine at Chick-fil-A who I've known for a little under a year. We get along great at work, but I've never done anything with her outside of work.

I also was interested to ask whether it is appropriate to ask her for a hug at the end of the date? I mean, rather than just going for it without asking.

Thanks, everyone!

I am also interested to know - I definitely think of this as a date but does she? Would you consider it a date if a guy asked you "would you like to get coffee with me Wednesday afternoon?"


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  • Ask for a second date, a few days after the first date. A hug will probably happen anyway, no point in asking.

    And you're cute.

    • Thank you :) and that spuds like a good idea, thanks for answering!

    • Sounds* like a good idea lol. Gah! GirlsAskGuys needs a mobile app.


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  • If you want to hug or kiss her, do not ask for permission first. Just wait for when the time is right and if things go well suggest that you two should do something together again another time. You don't want to wait a few days because then she might not think you were interested.

    • Okay, thanks for your answer. So, would you recommend setting up the second date right then and there, or waiting one or two days (rather than "a few")?

    • You could casually ask her if she'd like to do something again sometime and see what she says. You don't have to completely plan out a second date right then and there. That part can wait for a day or two.

  • I think calling a few days afterward is smother because you don't seem as eager

    • That makes sense, thanks for your answer. What do you honk of the other answerer's idea about alluding to it but calling later to set a specific date?

    • What do you think*? Lol that's what I get for not double-checking my auto-corrected comment.

    • Just say to her at the end of the date, "hope I get to see you again soon" or something like that

  • yea just say something like we can do this on our second date and if she says yea then you know your in

  • No, but say: We should hangout sometime. she can't say she is busy all the time! Trust me.


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  • Never, ever ask for a hug or a kiss. Just go for it if you feel the time is right.

    And yes, you can tell her "I'd like do this again." In fact it's better to say it. But I suggest making a specific date later on over the phone.

    • Ah that sounds like the best idea, I may go with this. Thank you for your answer!