What is the shortest time you could know someone a comfortable with kissing them?

I have just been dieing to know the ansewer And I always think it'd be sexy for a super hot guy to just have met you and then kisses you.


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  • If the vibe is super fun and her energy is super high AND she's already shared a lot of body contact ( like dancing or hugging or cuddling, etc ) then a kiss in the first 5 minutes is pretty acceptable.

    Typically, when dating someone new, I give her a few hours.

    It's just really rare to meet a girl who drops her guard that fast, or a guy who invites her to drop her guard that fast. :)

    ~ Robby


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  • I met once a guy that met me one day (friends bf's cousin)

    And the next he tried to kiss me... I bit his arm >>

    MY boyfriend id the forst I ever kissed, and I've known him for around a year, then started dating then rounfd 1-2 months later I had the courage to let him kiss me

    LMAO If I had to guess, my next time it would be the same or date the guy for at least 3 months

    I don't kiss stranges xD

  • the first date is suaully enough

  • For me it'd have to be at least a few hours.