I just can't get a boy. and I'm lonely

I feel heartsick all the time. I'm 16 & tho I'm young would like to hav some boy treat me affectionately. I do try and make an effort to speak with those who I fancy , when I do like them. But I horribly blush and fail. I get tummy knots & don't know how to handle their conversations...i fumble too much with my words.

Im just pretty, not breathtakingly beautiful or nastily ugly. I am in asb,got voted homecoming princess, take part in sports and have a good group of kind friends, so I'm not some usually socially awkward girl.

Please lend me some advice:). it'd be so appreciated!


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  • There's not much to say. If you're OK with yourself and you don't brag too much, just go and talk with people, don't try to impress, be who you are and have a genuine interest in others. Of course, at 16, guys (and girls too) aren't especially good communications (most people never are lol), so if you have an interest in a guy, try to see him and, really important, touch him (I don't mean sex, just find reasons to touch his hands, should, hug him, even if it's not really the best reason). You'll see, with that, you'll communicate way more your interest and if he doesn't see that, there's always the point blank: ask him out. Can't die for trying that, you can win way more than you can lose.

    • Thanks so much, ill take that to heart:)


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  • alright. so larely its a communication problem/shyness/something around those lines. the old saying is practice makes perfect. talk to guys you like, maybe just a word a day, push yourself outside your comfort zone little by little, and you'll eventually get used to all of it. and two things to remember- don't get embaressed, believe it or not, the blushing is actually kind of cute. and off the other guy, teenagers just aren't good communicators xD so don't worry about it.


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  • oh my gosh...i sound exactly like you all the way up to homecoming princess and getting butterflies in your stomach!

    i can talk to guys...as long as they start the conversation, I never start it. I guess just think of him as one of your girl friends so it will be easier. I would start with just smiling at them when you see them or say hi and work from there!

    this might have not helped since I sort of have the same problem, but I hope it helps a little:)