If I'm so "great" and so "cool" why am I single?

OK lol so I hate to sound like debbie downer in my title question but seriously I don't get it. I am told by guys that I'm very pretty, cute, adorable...that I have a great personality, that I'm so cool, that I'm the kind of girl guys wanna have as girlfriends Because I'm feminine yet tomboyish at same time, that I'm independent, don't need to be in constant contact with a guy I like at all times (actually that would annoy me...i like my space). that I'm funny, etc. and for the record I have a pretty slamming body lol. and yet I don't have a boyfriend lol. wtf. like the last guy I was with freaked out Because of feelings for me (oh please...i'm sure it was a case of he's just not that into you Because do guys really get scared that they run away? nah). and then I see the girls my guy friends complain about...naggy, clingy, high maintenance, tons of makeup, and guess what? they have boyfriend who kiss their tushies. I don't get it. is it a load of bull? at the end of the day do you guys prefer the girlie girl with the tons of makeup who is super clingy to you vs an independent pretty albeit kinda tomboyish girl (and when I say tomboyish I don't look like one so much as act like one...i like to do sports and watch sports and watch stupid guy movies vs chick flicks--but I look very girly, minus makeup which I hate).


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  • You need to go out. A lot. Dance clubs, pubs, bars, house parties. You name it! That's what you need. Go out, smile when a guy is looking at you and let him start the conversation.

    And don't say you do all that! Because if you did you wouldn't post that :p

    • haha your right...all my friends have bfs and they all wanna hang at their place when we hang out or we go out in groups to dinner...but nowhere where I can be out like a single girl. maybe I gotta make more of an effort lol...

    • No kidding! Just go out with one girlfriend or two (one is better though). They don't have to be single but they CANT have guys with them. Smile and you won't stay single for long :p

      PS! you should go out with your group too but going out to hunt boys is an adventure of its own ;)

    • ha very good advice I'm gonna try it out! ;)


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  • The fact that you act like a Tomboy means that guys are Friend zoning YOU since your a girl they can relate to. I mean would you want to bang your best friend?

    • but how about guys who first meet me? I will go on a date and look totally girlie and am told how pretty I am...but then when they ask about what I do for fun, the stuff is pretty tomboyish...but I still do some girlie things...but I guess I'm in friend zone ugh lol prob true

  • They seem to like the primped-up-girly-girl style...which, how you describe, isn't how you are.

    • do all guys or am I just having bad luck here lol

  • Hit me up I would love to meet you, sound like and amazing girl to me.

    • ha, think I might be a little old for ya, but ty ;)

    • age is just a number baby...

  • You sound kinda like a Calamity Jane

    • lmao ha ha I guess I am kinda, but I am very pretty I'm told not mannish at all!

  • Weight and Height?

    • lol...5'2 and 115 pounds, size 4-6

    • Two thumbs up there, little lady.

    • ha, thank u! ;)

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  • maybe they don't pick up a vibe that they can approach you in that way so they just friendzone you.

    try being more flirty.

    • yeah, will have to work on my flirting techniques...i tend to be the kinda girl who will shove a guy kidding around not exactly very girlie lol

    • Ooh then yea they see you as 'one of the guys'

      its best to practice on guys you see at parties or out and about guys you won't see again.

      just so you can get an idea. plus you'll never see them again if you mess up! lol

    • hahaha true! yes I will try harder for sure lol! :)