How do I choose between two guys?

First of all, I'm 22 years old. For the past four years I've been with Chad (age 20). Back in June, I had a miscarriage at 4 months and it has put a horrible strain on our relationship. We ended up separating a few weeks ago. Well, since I've been single I've been "seeing" a friend, Aaron (age 25) I've known for the past 2 years. He's always wanted to be with me, but I was never available. They both have great qualities. Chad makes me laugh, but we always fight... Aaron is much more mature than Chad and he knows what he wants. Chad is also still young and I'm assuming when he's 21 he'll want to go out and party, but I'm out of that stage... I'm just afraid to officially let go of Chad. When I think about him with someone else I get ridiculously jealous, which I know isn't fair considering what I'm asking right now. I've loved him for so long, not to mention he was the father of the child I lost. However, I've never had anybody treat me as good as Aaron has, even when I was in a relationship. What would you do in this situation?


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  • You should be with the mature guy because you said it your self, he knows what he wants, and why can't you let chad go

    • I don't know, I guess because he's all I've known for the past few years. I'm scared of a new beginning.

    • Why , you said you like the mature guy more


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  • Aaron should be your choice.

    You were with Chad for 4 years

    At that time he is 16.

    I think, at 16 Chad is really immature to start thinking seriously about a girl.

    If you are Chad never seperated, then you guys can seriously start thinking about long term relationship when he is around 22-24.

    Before that whatever you think about life is, generally, wrong.

    Aaron is mature.

    So, I vote for him.

  • let them wrestle in front of you. after the match you make out with the winner in front of the defeated guy. humiliate the loser and let him know he's not man enough to date you. who do you think will win? chad or aaron?

    • Haha. Well, Chad wrestled in high school...

    • who is stronger (mentally)/more dominant? who is more intelligent? you need a protector... an alpha male.

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  • i would get with aaron... you need someone who makes you happy... not someone you would keep getting into fights with... and I know that it may still love him and you lost a child with him... but you really need to try to move on... it sounds like he hasn't grown up... and you have... you need someone that is mature like you r... everyone deseres happiness and you are no differnet... :)

  • I think that you are ready to have a grown up life by the sounds of it, and it sounds like Aaron is who will be there for you in the long hall...