How to have fun with my boyfriend, although he never makes me laugh?

Up until now, I've only been into funny guys. But it turned out that funny guys who are at least moderately attractive can either score better looking girls or just want to sleep around. Women value humor , so men use it to get sex and beauty, what they value. It makes sense.

This is one of the biggest things that have made me want a relationship and while I'm mostly OK with trading it off for commitment. I really crave the fun, playful destressing aspect of a relationship that you devote so much time to, though.

How can I add it back in in other ways other than trading jokes with a guy?


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  • a guy who isn't funny? hmmm is the guy dry and boring personality wise or what? I can't really think of a guy who isn't funny that you would date. maybe you could do something fun together. or you could make him laugh and that could spur some funny times together.

    • He's not boring, he's intelligent and a good conversationalist ... just doesn't pick up on jokes or make jokes that often. Definitely not my "type" so I'm not sure how to get that bond that usually comes from relieving stress from cracking jokes.


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  • What are his favorite comedies? If you learn to laugh at the same things that he laughs at, he might feel more comfortable expressing his sense of humor with you.

    • Beer Fest? We watch tons of action movies and football, but that's been the only comedy so far, haha.

    • It would seem that that is an aspect of his personality you're going to have to explore more, then. In my opinion, there is no more important character trait to have in common than sense of humor.

  • umm pretty much no girl ever makes me laugh, but I can still have relationships with them...

    • Guys value sheer looks much, much more than women. Most guys don't even care if they have decent conversations, as long as they like the look of what they're screwing.

What Girls Said 2

  • It doesn't mean that you won't find a funny guy for a relationship just because funny guys with a good personality can get action.

    • Been there, tried that and failed. I don't have the looks to get an in demand guy. Life isn't perfect.

  • It sounds like you really need a fun guy.

    • Fun + Attractiveness = Out of my league. I didn't want to settle on one, so I dropped the other.

    • Screw leagues. You deserve a fun, attractive gay. It may be harder to find him, but what's the point of being in a relationship if you're not having fun with it?

    • I live in the real world. I'm 28 years old, by the way. He's a really good guy, just more serious than I'm used to. It's not worth throwing away because I crave witty banter.