How to keep a man's interest?

my new years resolution is to just chill out and have fun, and if a man come along then great but its not my top priority... but what advice would you give me to keep a mans interests. I always find it v easy to get a man I find it hard to keep there interest tho, I'm not clingy, I dnt hassle them, I'm laid back, but I can't stand liars, or cheats or ignorance...and advice would be great! xx


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  • (1)Be consistent. That is be yourself from the very first moment you meet him. Don't make yourself out to be something you are not. (2) It may do you well not to put all your cards at the table at once. It can make you seem dull and boring to get to know EVERYTHING about you the first 2 months. (3) Surprise him now and then! do something good for him that he really was not expecting. (4) Walk that fine line of spending time with him and having your own little life without him; spend time with your girlfriends and family, do interesting stuff and tell him later. Also this means that he needs his alone time too ;) (5) Do fun stuff with him! don't let everything you do together fall into a repeatable pattern! You both would lose interest with time. (6) Be honest! In the start make it clear you won't accept or forgive any lies or cheating. He will respect you for it, and think twice about messing up.

    Also, being laid back (as you say you are) is not bad at all ;)


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  • Always be attentive to them, don't assume they are self-sufficient. Most of us want someone to pay attention to our opinions and interests, more than anything else.

  • Talk to him a lot. Make him think about you for the whole day.


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