Did I scare him by saying this?

I'm quite sure that we like each other, but we live about an hour away so our main form of communication is via Facebook. I've been replying to his messages daily, but sometimes he would skip a day and I would feel like I'm acting too obsessed. Each of our messages are the length of an e-mail, and...

RECENTLY I teased him how he must crave my company and won't be able to stand not to see me for a week. He teased me back and I responded admitting that "I actually enjoy spending time with you! I can only assume that you too enjoy my company. ;)" He hasn't replied for a day and I'm a little nervous that I may have freaked him out. Two weeks ago, we went out for the first time to dinner, and we have another outing planned for next week.

I'm not sure if I'm pushing it or being too intense so... help please?


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  • yeah that comment was a little too much. To me it sounded like you said "I like you and that means I hope you like me JUST as much!", you sounded clingy. Next time just say something simple, ya know? really, just a "I really enjoy your company :)" is all that's necessary.

    • Yeah. I'm pretty sure I just scared the crap out of him. Do you think I've lost him now? I'm not sure how to fix this...

    • dont. Play it off like its no big deal, and just don't say something like that again. Just keep it simple


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  • don't worry at this stage be patient just spend most of the time together once he like you are company and he has generate habit of you he will definitively love you and will response you as the way you like , So be calm and give you are good company to him ! it will great love story one day ! aure


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  • i don't think you are. like you said he has skipped days before. don't worry about it. if the dates still on don't fret.