No date????

I met this guy about a month ago. We quickly clicked, talk on the phone, he comes and hangs out being that we live very close to each other. He's nice, polite, respectful, calls every day, tells me how interested he is in me etc. , problem is he won't ask me to do ANYTHING with the exception of when he asked me to meet him at a bar after he already had dinner. I noticed he's cheap at the bar this is the second time we hung out at a bar. Even while I've allowed him to come over he never mentions anything that involves paying for anything ex: order take out, a movie...NOTHING. Its turning me off and on top of all that he had nerve to get mad at me when I didn't talk to him for one day! Am I wrong? Should he have asked me out by now? I don't need elaborate or over the top dates, just a little fun!


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  • If he's telling you he's interested, he should have asked you out by now. I don't think the bar really counts as a date because while I've never been in one I hear that's a place where guys go to pick up women, not take them out on dates. He also shouldn't be getting mad at you for not talking to him for one day since you're not officially dating yet. The fact that he is getting mad over that is a red flag because if he's getting mad about that, what else is he going to get mad about? I think that is a sign of things to come if you were to start dating him or get married to him. Sounds like you already know all you need to know about him, that he is cheap and probably someone who is going to be controlling in a relationship. You're not going to change that in him so you should definitely move on.


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  • i would be a little upset too. I am not saying he should pay for everything... but at least to offer is nice... maybe he is quite financially unstable right now and is ashamed about it. you need to talk to him.