Why would he ask why I want to see him?

I have been texting a guy for about a month, but have only seen each other once. He was in town recently and I suggested we hang out but it never worked out. We were talking yesterday and I told him that I was sad about it and he apologized and said that he was just really busy. I told him that next time he better fit me into his busy schedule and he responded with "why, do you miss me? ;)" I don't want to seem too desperate so I turned it into a joke about how I figured he missed me and just wanted to help him out. We kept talking for a while and joking back and forth but then he said "back to what we were talking about, why do you want to see me so badly?" I told him that I had fun when we hung out and wanted to get to know each him better. He said that he had fun too, but would never say if he missed me, or wanted to see me. I'm just confused because he is always the one texting me first but has never tried to hang out since that first time. I've been the only one to mention getting together in person and it never happens. Does he know that I like him and just wants to string me along, or is he not sure and is being cautious? I hate being so confused!


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  • i think he doesn't want to throw out any indicators of interest because he is afraid of pushing you away by doing so. what he really needs is some solid signals from you before he is willing to say how he really feels about you.

    i do believe that there is a good chance that he likes you because of the way he flirts with you.

    best of luck(:


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  • She might just be nervous to meet in person again and is more confident on the phone. But more then likely he is cautious then stringing you along guys don't want to get hurt either.


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  • He likes you. He want to hear it first from you. He don't want to scare you by telling he likes you because maybe he doesn't know you like him and want to hear it first and then confess it to you. " why, do you miss me ? ;) " . That's how the guy I like used to say when we were just friends. And he was like that always asking me. And then he confessed that he really likes me and was afraid I might not like him back and we might part away because of that.

    Good luck ! :)