Am I over reacting?

So I know its a little early to ask but our convo was prefect to ask him to the dance is feb 25 and I asked him if he wanted to go and he said..."it's pretty far away right now lol" and then I said you don't know? and he said" it's so far away from now to be sure lol" does this mean anything like he might break up with me? or am I over reacting...later he asked me when sadies is because its closer than I told him it is sadies...we have been dating for a year and 3 months and we're both 17 and go to different schools.

Please help thanks!


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  • I doubt he's going to break up with you just becasue of that!don't over-react about it..and he's being honest it's too soon to tellyou what is something else comes up you know

    • im just worried if I did something to him and it made him mad or sad or feel bad and now he is questioning everything


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  • Id just leave it be ..Dont mention again ..Dont Overthink ...

    Just wait and see what happens . If you get upset or over think , there will be just one outcome .


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  • Teenagers take whoever they want to a dance. Normally in a relationship if that's the person that you are with then more than likely that will be the person that you take. As others have said I wouldn't say anything else about it for a while. Just relax...