I am confused and a little hurt. What should I do here?

Need girls or females or any1s advice...

Basically, I confessed to a friend and got rejected. She left the country for good and her online convos with me were sometimes hot and cold. Sometimes she might sound all happy with lots of 'hahahha'. then sometimes she is cold. I am confused and a little hurt.

p.s: she said she did not want to talk to me heaps (for the first few weeks) so as not to give the wrong message to me. this was after I asked her why she ignored me for the first few weeks. Then the hot and cold period came.

Girls, would you act this way if you were in her position. what should I do here?


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  • probably she likes you as a friend, I'm not sure how long you have been friends together.she sounds like she still sees you as a friend when she is happy around u, but she might remind that you are looking at her not as a simple friend, so she tries to stop being happy and act cold to not send you a wrong msg.

    if you are still see her more than a just friend, I think its better to move on and reduce your contacts with her to not hurting yourself. but if you have moved on and again turned back to friend zone, just make her sure that she is just a friend for you and you don't think she likes you too if she laugh or be happy around you :)


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  • she prob just likes you as a friend.. if I liked a guy I'd talk to him lots and not be cold generally.. she just wanted to be nice to you because she likes you as a friend but she sounds like she's not into you like you are to her..


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  • She doesn't want you. Move on man.