Ladies, if you went in for a kiss on the first date but the guy have you the cheek, would you still like him?

Lets look at how many times women gave guys the cheek or pushed their heads back once he went in for the kiss. Why should a woman feel insulted if he felt that it's too early to kiss.

It's not that he's playing games but more like he's a decent man who's not a pushover to a woman's beauty.


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  • Because some girls just think its normal/expected

    While other things think you don't like them or they did something wrong or you don't find them pretty/beautiful/cute etc

    I'd still love you

    Actually me and my boyfriend sisnt kiss till the... round 4-6th date?

    Even if we knew each other from bfore :3


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  • A guy did that to me, once and I still liked him. I was a little hurt, but I still gave him a chance. Turned out though that he would never let me get too close and I had to let him go eventually.

  • A guy did this to me. I didn't mind it really. I mean he was my first boyfriend and all so that was probably why. I think it just shows respect, unless the guy was teasing you about it then I would consider it a player.

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    I wouldn't care... everyone paces themselves differently in relationships


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