How far into dating someone can you expect to take down online dating profiles?

I met this guy on an online dating site. We've been on about 7 dates in the past month, and I just spent pretty much the whole weekend with him. I know he's very into me, and I have a strong attraction to him as well. When would it be appropriate to ask about being exclusive and about taking down the online dating profiles? And how do I bring it up? Thanks!


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  • I think after 7 dates, its appropriate to ask where you see it heading. If you met on a dating site, then its safe to assume you are both on the same page and you both want a relationship and want no games, no BS. So by asking this question, you are cutting out all the crap, and making sure you aren't wasting each others time. From there, bring up the idea of deleting your profile, and how he feels about that.


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  • When he asked you to be his girlfriend, or vice versa..


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