How do I cuddle with her then kiss her???

So it's my first time with a girl and its a movie night at my place and I"m pretty sure were going to cuddle.

I'm thinking I can hold her in my arms, rest my head on her shoulder, whisper in her ear how much I like her, touch her nose with my finger, get close to her head and smell her hair, and then kiss her. Does this sound good?


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  • I'd start out by just sitting by her and if she gets in close then hold her hand and if you do that she will lay her head on you and then you can put your arm around her. if she keeps looking up at you and looking in your eyes and smiling then kiss her on the forehead...if that goes well and she still keeps doing it kiss her on the lips. if you wanna smell her hair don't make it obvious lol just do it when she has her head on your shoulder/chest. save the touching of the nose with your finger for when you guys are playing around and not just cuddling.


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  • I wouldn't sniff her hair if I were you... That's kinda creepy. And I think that may be a few too many steps. You don't want to have to memorize a bunch of steps and then psych yourself out when you can't remember them all. I'd say when holding her, lean your head over onto hers. not her shoulder, but her forehead, because that way your lips will be right in her face and it will send the subliminal message that she wants to kiss you. lol Then just make eye contact until it happens.

    • I think girls overreact to stuff like that if they shampoo their hair with the stuff that my girl uses then obviously the guy can't help but smell it when he gets close ... its intoxicating literally.

    • haha well, it's okay if he smells it like, when he's leaning into her, but don't "sniff"... It makes me think of twilight... haha. Don't make it obvious is all.

  • Sounds very sweet and romantic

  • Well, if she wants to cuddle, it is likely she will sit really close to you. Then, just put your arm around her. Then, at some point when she is looking at you, move in for the kiss.


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