I think this is a date, do you think it's a date?

I'm 17, and I've never dated before-- ever. I'm going snowboarding with this guy on the weekend, just the two of us. We hit it off EXTREMELY well as friends, but now I sense that mutually we are looking at the potential of something more than friends...

A couple weeks ago he asked me out for coffee which ended up being extended into dinner, then a walk. I was hesitant to show interest because I didn't actually know if it was a date because we became such close friends within just a few days. Now that I think about it, he really did seem to like me when we went out that night.

It has now been TWO WEEKS, and we are planning to go up to the mountains together. Do you think he would still feel the same about me as he did two weeks ago? Despite the fact that I was a bit slow to show interest?


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  • "Date" is a new generation concept. Back in the 60's the idea wasn't a concept, you did things with people you liked, or wanted to get to know better, the more you like them the more things you do. So judging by what you guys are doing together, yes he is interested. Next question?


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  • Sounds like a Date to me...

  • How old is he?