Don't understand girls and their signals. Can someone help me?

Okay so I have an idea of what the basic signals of what people say a girl will give off when she likes you. Such as she might look at you, smile, point her foot towards you if her legs are crossed. The thing is I never really notice a girl doing that when it comes to me. It seems like no girl is really attracted to me. All the girls that I end up liking tend to go around talking to other guys and not paying much attention to me. Yeah they might talk to me once in a while or say something but more often then not. It is like how do I approach a girl that I have no idea whether or not likes me.

On dates it seems that the girls eventually stop talking to me, and then does what happens above. It is hard to try and keep chasing a girl or even approach a girl when I have doubts or always having doubts with girls and never knowing what to say. Need help?


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  • It really depends on the girl in terms of signals. I know for myself I'm usually an outgoing and talkative girl but I can also be quiet. if I like a guy I'll try to talk to him but I may freeze up or I want to be near him.

    Maybe find thigns to work on yourself. maybe have not found the right girl yet.


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  • for the dates always be confident girls like guys that never doubt themselves even when they are doubtfull and if you don't know what to say just be yourself and ask questions I don't know about other girls but I love when guys ask me questions because your focusing attention on them and learning more about them... hope this helps

  • I know that I like when a guy will just start talking bring up a conversation. Say hey hows it going? I always like when I get a compliment or something. LoL always be funny with a sense or humor. And if you ever catch a girl looking at you just smile and nod. I think it's so cute when guys do that.

    Hope this helped

  • well girls like it when you start a conversation or give them flowers or even a compliment like "i like your hair" or "hey, your looking nice today" and then smile. Always make eye contact at her don't look any where else but her eyes when you talk to her.

    But girls like a guy who is always happy and smiling and has a optimist personality! :)

    To start though just smile and say "hi" and give a compliment and the girl will be yours! :)

    hoped this helped u!


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  • "I have doubts or always having doubts with girls and never knowing what to say."

    There's no secret formula. All girls like confidence in guys. You are lacking confidence. You think negatively of yourself and think the other guys are better than you. I have this theory that confidence is very psychological.

    Think back in your mind, remember the last time you felt good about yourself and the world around you. Then remember what it was about that time that made you feel that way. Once you figured it out, try to replicate it in a way you can be confident at will.