There's this guy that I'm totally crushing on, and he's been texting me everyday

We hung out about two weeks ago (he was extremely sweet to me when we did) and I asked him if he wanted to hang out twice since then, but he was busy so I didn't bother to ask again. Though, he still continues to talk to me everyday and when he was drunk on New Year's Eve he kept sending me flirty drunk texts. I wasn't sure if he was even interested after the first two no's to hanging out, but with the constant texting...i'm not really sure. What should I do now? Just continue talking to him through the texts he sends me? I feel like he's just never going to ask to hang out in person haha.


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  • I agree with you I don't think he wants to hang out. He seems to like just texting you all the time. It makes he feel safe content and very comfortable. I guess texting a girl everyday is alright but if you are not going to at least hang out with her. Then what is the point? Texting is time concuming and you are taking time out of your day to text him. It all depends on how you veiw it. Yes it's good to have a guy text you everyday. And you did hag out once but he just seems to like to text and don't hang out. You have ot decide what's importnat for you. Do you leave thigns the way they are or do you just move on?

  • While texting , who starts the convo ? Morever , is there a LOT of flirting going on during the texting ? I personally don't like texting , because it is not at all personal . There's a lot of stuff that you can say in a text which would be impossible to say in a face to face situation . If you are really into him , just casually say if he wants to grab a drink / have coffee sometime . If he keeps saying he's busy , then I'm sorry to say this , but he's not that interested . From what I've noticed , if someone is really interested , they'll somehow find a way to accomadate the other person no matter what ( Well unless he has exams / or some family emergency )


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