Its been three days... am I jumping to conclusions?

ok so this guy I met online has been staying in touch with me for like 6 months now. we're planning on meeting for the first time in a couple of weeks. anyways I had to go out of town and told him I would send him a message when I get back home. turns out he sent me a message before I got home and I replied the next day. I haven't heard from him since and its been like 3 whole days. what should I do? did he change his mind about me and should I be worrying and jumping to conclusions? I sent him another message today to just say hi and that I was thinking about him getting ready to watch the patriots and broncos (tebow anyone?:o) am I a dork for sending him another message without a reply?


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  • No you did the right thing taking the initiative to talk to him. Now all you can do is wait for his reply, but if he doesn't reply I say, forget him.

    • thanks for telling me its cool to follow up with someone before they reply. I'm totally going to take that advice and just sit back now and see what happens including the broncos tonight :o) thanks


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  • No I think you did the right thing. Give it a few more days. If you don't hear from him try to call. If that doesn't work then its time to move on

    • awww thanks for saying I didn't do the wrong thing by sending him another message. and you are right I'll give it a few more days. and I didn't even think about giving him a phone call :o)

  • i would have only sent him one not the second one but don't worry and don't assume he changed his mind just yet, if he doesn't get back to you in the next week or so though I would probably forget about him

    • thanks for your reassurance and yeah if its like a week before I hear from him I say you are correct its time to move on. I mean we've been keeping in touch for 6 months now and if something's changed well that all's I want to know. thanks for your advice :o)