Guys when you like a girl and your texting her do use smiley faces/emoticons?

Yeah I read this somewhere and I am really confused about it!

  • Yes...I use them when I like a girl
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  • No...I use them all the time to everyone including friends
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  • I don't even use them
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  • Sometimes, it depends on the girl. I'd use it as sarcasm though because I don't usually do that.


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  • Theres no general rule, really, it's an idiosyncratic thing. I have two friends who hate faces/emoticons, and never use them. I have some friends who use them all the time, nomatter what. I think generally they're just part of your dialogue, and it doesn't matter if you like a person or not, it's just the way you talk.

    The only emoticon I'm really given to using frequently is '^^', and sometimes, when I like a girl - like, like, right now, actually, just there now I sent a message to this girl I fancy, and she's a very ordinary, everyday sort of person, as opposed to an internet person, right? And that's fine, everyday people use smileys themselves, ':)' and '=/', etc. but my problem is '^^' is JAPANESE. And so I use it, and then I think 'Holy sh*t! Oh god! What will she think of me! She'll think I'm some sort of japanophile, or something! She'll report me to the police, or, or, she'll think I'm GAY.'

    Well, I only think like that with this girl, she has this ability to terrify me. So sometimes I neglect to use them, out of fear, if I really like a girl, LOLOLOLOL. But you see, I take paranoid episodes, you understand, LOLOLOLOL. Unless someones f***ing bonkers, I doubt there is a connection

  • I usually use them whenever I see fit, regardless who I am talking to. I would say I use them a little more if its a girl I like though.

  • everyone :)

  • no, I only use them whenever I feel it fit.. I do like to smiley face battle tough


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