If you've done it, how'd you get the ball rolling?

I've never dated before like EVER. And I'm scared of people finding out. Here's the thing, I'm scared of commitment! That getting hurt factor. I flirt a lot, then turn down the guys who DO ask me out. But recently there's this dude I really like.. but I want to turn him down because I'm scared he won't think I'm not that cool anymore because I've never gone out with someone. I stop at flirting. What should I do?

I'm embarrassed to admit I have no experience at all! And he's had loads. He's hot!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Only advice is that if he is hot, and with lots of experience, just be careful you don't become another statistical number. And since you got no experience to tell players from 'good guys', then even more reason as to why you should go out, so that you can familiarize yourself with what you have to watch out for.


What Girls Said 1

  • Under 18..Your doing fine as far as experience. You really don't need to have any. So drop that fear. He has loads? How old is he? If he really likes you he would respect that you would wanna take it slow. And honestly dating isn't that hard. If you are talking about other things...they come naturally and most of the time you can follow his lead. Don't live you life in fear. You're going to get hurt. I am sorry but it's true. Everyone has to be heartbroken at least once to know what true love really feels like and how good it feels. But who knows maybe he IS the right one for you?! :) Take a chance don't live in fear.