When to ask a girl to prom?

How long in advance should I ask a girl to prom?

I am not expecting much competition... and if there is, I don't mind, I will ask the other girl on my mind :)


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  • a monthish ahead of time? I know it was pretty clear when everyone started getting asked to prom at my school. don't remember exactly when that was, but you'll probably figure it out when it happens.

    • Oh yeah? I kinda thought it would be more discreet- I don't remember that at my school last year (even though I was a sophomore), I didn't notice anything different. the only way I know who was getting asked was the pictures on Facebook later lol

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    • well, as a junior vs. sophmore, might be a little more noticeable if more of your friends are going. ask some of your guy friends when they're planning on doing it. generally I think a month or two in advance is pretty normal.

    • I think a month is good, so it we won't be sitting around saying "prom's coming up soon..." "yup, getting closer..."

      i probably will "ask her out" before prom anyways... (it's the girl I was talking about for my dating proecdure question)


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  • There's no actual time to ask, just make sure that it's not last minute so she doesn't think that she was your second choice & even if she is, so she doesn't know. Otherwise, it might turn ugly. :/

  • Go at least two months in advance. That way she has time to coordinate outfits and stuff. :)

  • Actually, my friend just asked out a girl. (:

  • yep two months in advanced is best, but if you can make it something unforgetable? I don't know, but it would be almost impossible for a girl to say no if the guy does something seriously sweet haha

    • I was thinking leaving a note in her locker that isn't signed, and having her torturing herself a week about who it is- then asking her formerly.

    • that could work, yeah

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