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So this girl broke up with her boyfriend of a couple years; without going into too much detail he cheated on her and she dumped him immediately. This was around Thanksgiving last year. About a week later she friend requested me on Facebook and I accepted then she sent me a message saying she wanted to hang out. It was quite obvious she just wanted to fill the void left by her ex, so I just responded by saying that'd be cool but I never followed up on it because it was clear she wasn't over her ex. She just messaged me again, about a month or so since the first message, this time a bit more intent saying that she hadn't seen me in forever and she really wanted to see me. I haven't responded back yet because I really don't think she's over her ex. This is evident by her regular status updates on how he screwed up and such. I would like to take her out because she seems like my type of girl: beautiful, fun, outgoing. We hung out in a group a couple times but her and I never really talked alone so I don't know much about her and she doesn't know much about me, so it seems strange she would be so intent on seeing me. So I guess what I'm asking is she just rebounding and if she is do I steer clear or agree to go out? My gut tells me to let her get over her ex a little while longer but I also don't want to just ignore her message. Thoughts?


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  • I would talk to her and stuff. She may just need a friend right now and is seeking you out. I know this doesn't sound very good but sometimes it takes a new guy to get over the old guy. Take a chance, hang out with her and see what she is like.

  • I'd go ahead and take a chance and "hang out". If you like her and wait too long or keep ignoring her, she'll end up dating someone else. Not sure if you care about that or not. Just take it slow.


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