Is my age / status a red flag to women?

I am just over 40 and I've never been married or engaged. I have never had a girlfriend of over one year (I've have 4 relationships that were between 6 and 12 months).

Do women now look at me and think that there is something to be weary of?

I'd love to get married and have a family...and I've always wanted to do this.


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  • i would wonder why to be honest. it would raise a little eyebrows


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  • I would wonder why ... but it wouldn't stop me getting to know you. My brother is 45 he's never been married, he's had a few girlfriends but nothing really very serious, he's just not met the right person and he also leads an extremely busy and fulfilling life which leaves little time for relationships. Don't give up! I'm 47 and haven't had a relationship since 2001 so it's not only you men

  • Lol. My current boyfriend was 47 when I met him. He had a handful of girlfriends and the relationships lasted no more than 6 months. He hadn't dated anyone in 6 years when I met him. So yea, I was a little hesitant...but at the same time I figured he wasn't super jaded.

    We've been together for a little over a year and we're planning to get married. I liked the fact that he didn't have a lot of preconceived notions about how a relationship should be. We just take it day by day.

  • I would be concerned. I would think you're pretty set in your ways and maybe hard to get along with.


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