Who to choose? Three great guys.

All these guys are super nice. They all have admitted to liking me too. OPTION 1: tall blond hair, with green eyes, intensive gamer. but we are so alike, we both love video games, when I hug him its amazing OPTION 2: Best Friend, Brown hair blue eyes, he knows me a little too well we know each other since 2nd grade he is like the male version of my personality. OPTION 3: Tall mixed quarterback, hazel eyes well built, the sweetest guy alive. Gives me chocolates on random days, even tough we we're not going out.


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  • Rofl do you seriously expect anyone to choose for you? Take your life seriously and choose who you like most instead of asking random people that know nothing about the 4 of you :p


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  • you forgot option 4. true standardized questions offer four choices.

  • My question is - Why were you talking to 3 guys at the same time to begin with?

    I guess whoever has a nice size package. :D Though that shouldn't matter but it will certainly help your decision making.