Does this have the potential to develop into a relationship?

I'm in university, and ran into an old friend on campus a couple of weeks ago. He and I knew each other a few years ago when I was dating one of his then-good friends. We started talking and decided to get together for dinner.

Dinner was absolutely wonderful. He and I are remarkably compatible and talked for hours. He lamented the fact that I dislike mangos, and we decided to go to the Safeway near his place and pick one up to try. We went back to his place and essentially butchered the mango - which turned out to be alright - and listened to music in his room. We started drinking wine and whiskey, very quickly I might add, and were both notably inebriated when we decided to go to bed.

We lay there, talking and laughing and finally, kissing. Some clothes came off, but nothing too serious happened. A couple of days later, he came to hot yoga with me and we ended up back at his place again. Again we had a couple of drinks, but nothing to the magnitude of the night prior, and went to bed. We started kissing again, more clothes came off and it was even more intense.

Both nights, we cuddled all night and kissed in the morning.

When we went to class the next morning, he hugged me goodbye. We text constantly, and it sometimes verges on flirtatious. I think I'm starting to develop feelings for him, and I wonder if I might've compromised my chance at dating him? A friends with benefits relationship isn't ideal for me, I tend to not do well in those types of situations, but I'd love to date him - or at least see how we might do in that kind of circumstance.

What do you think? Is there a chance he might have, or could develop, a romantic interest in me?

Thanks, folks.

Thank all of you so much for your responses! If I might add another question: what do you suggest my next move might be?

You guys are great.


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  • I'm certain if he just wanted to be with FWB he wouldn't go out of his way to take you out and not even have sex. I think he likes you a lot and may be hoping for a relationship.


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  • Yes, 100% Yes this has the potential to develop into a relationship. I truly believe it so. Go with your guts and listen to your heart. If he doesn't feel the same then it's his loss and your gain to stop developing feelings for him and move on. He's giving you the go sign to move on but that's IF it doesn't work out. I have a feeling that it WILL work out or COULD work out. When there are possibilites there is potential so once again definitely a yes to your question.

  • Just keep spending time with, show him how much you like him. That's really it, hopefully he'll ask you out soon.

  • If you want to date him you have to make it clear that is what you want before you go any further with him otherwise he will assume you just want to hook up. He might want a relationship it looks promising

  • i think so, he hasn't tried to have sex with you now has he? I like how both of you are moving slowly with your sexuality, like taking baby steps before you go to the real deal, that is a good idea, smart of him.

  • I think with the effort that he's putting in, he's certainly trying to date you.


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