My boyfriend is short with me!

I usually hear from my boyfriend every night. Tonight I didn't so I initiated conversation via text. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was with two friends. I said "how's the party" and he said "and now I'm done texting you."

Our relationship has been fine for the past few months. We've been dating for 14 months. Last summer though, stuff like this would happen all the time.

Why is he suddenly so short with me..what gives?


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  • Usually when he blows up over small things all the time, it's because something else is wrong (whether he's no longer interested in the relationship or there's something else in his life bothering him). Sometimes when guys are no longer interested, they try and put the blame on small little things so that when you decide to end the relationship, it's no longer his fault.

    But maybe you should ask him first if something else is bothering him before making any assumptions.


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  • You can try asking him about it and see what he says

  • iDoesn't sound right! What does your "gut" tell you?