How to play it with this girl?

ok so last night I went out to the bar with all of my friends. one of my friends girlfriend was there and brought a girl who works with her out. we hit it off pretty good and talked for a while. we then danced for about a half hour and everything went really good. she then got a phone call that her ride was at the bar and that she had to go. she came to give me a hug goodbye and I asked for her number and she gave it to me, and I texted her to give her mine. when she left I talked to my friends girlfriend and she said that everything went awesome and that the girl thought I was cute and that she had a really good time, she also texted me and told me that she had a lot of fun. this girl was very cute and I'm curious as to any advice on how to take it from here, do I text her? and what do I say? any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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  • Don't wait too long to give her call...make sure you call her in advance for the date to show her your respect her time and other plans. Just tell her you had fun and it was nice meeting her and you would like to go out again sometime. Would she like that? If she says yes, ask her when she is available and if there is anything in particular that she would like to do. Sounds very promising! Good Luck!

  • Call her and ask her out! Go for it!


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