Guys, what do you expect from a first date?

I'm going on a first date tonight with a guy I met on an online dating site. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited to meet him.

I was wondering, what do guys expect from a first date? Do they get nervous? How will I know if he's into me?


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  • From a dating site and not meeting before probably gonna be nervous right away, but hopefully the couple can find a way to break the ice. Most of all from a date I would expect after a little while to be comfortable and relaxed, not worried too much what were talking about. Also that I'm having a good time, kind of the point of the date right lol? The guy should ask questions of course to show he's interested, but he shouldn't be the only one talking. Some physical contact should be made on the date; hug, touching arms/hands, kiss, etc.


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  • It usually doesn't pay to have expectations. But since you mentioned that he's someone you met online, I'd say my main expectation, the thing I'm watching for in that case, is that she looks like her photos. She's not 10 or 20 years older looking or considerably larger.

  • If it's with a girl I never met before, I'd be a bit nervous and I think it would be awkward for 5 minutes. But I have no problem with breaking the ice, and engaging conversation.

    I'd expect to have some conversation about our hobbies, things we already talked about. Then I hope for chemistry and see the conversation just keeping on going.

    At the end I'd hope for at least a hug and a kiss on the cheek.


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