Online dating. Is this guy interested?

I'm trying something new here. So I posted an ad online without a pic and got responses. I got like 30 in one day and I did some back and forth with one. There is one guy where we've exchanged 3-4 msgs each and sent pics. In his last msg, he suggested that we meet up because we have a lot of common interests. I took about 5 hours to write back - vs. the 1-2 hours between our previous msgs yesterday. I was just thinking about it. I did respond and said I'm free and day from Thursday onward. This was at 9pm. He is a doctor actually. Is he interested? How long should I expect he will take to respond? If I don't hear back in a little while, is it ok for me to check that he received it? He's 33 and I'm 31. I googled and saw him on his hospital's site so he is for real. I've done some back and forth with some others but quite a few are too old (like late 40s or too young - mid 20s etc.).

I'm also a professional so don't get idea I just like him for that reason. I actually dated a doctor once and that guy was a jerk.


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  • Ok, so the problem with online dating is you never really know what you're going to get. If you do plan on meeting this guy be safe about it. Go somewhere public and tell someone about it. Also, be aware that he may be lying about who he is. He could have easily picked out a doctor on a website and then used his name. Don't be too trusting here. Just be careful. Don't overanalyze this too much. He will respond when he responds. If it's been 3 days or more than it's safe to say he's not into it. If this is just a fling or as you say it, "filler" than don't overthink it.

    • I think since it online and I also don't want to be desperate. I will wait. I sent my last msg last night but the other msgs were just hours apart each - except for my last msg which I took 5 hours to respond back when he brought up meeting.

    • I would say get to know him as much as you can. You're not being desperate if you just want a fling. However if you are looking for something permanent I gotta tell you you are moving really fast.


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  • 30 responses in one day...

    Do you realize that guys get almost no responses to online dating ads? And if we do, they break mirrors.

    To answer you, yeah, he sounds interested. But, he is a doctor, so I doubt he is desperate.

    • Hey - I'm not desperate either;) I haven't waited that long to be fair. he could be in surgery today too. . .i'll give him a break. I got a wide range - including musicians, businessmen etc. Anyway I msged a few back and forth and stopped on the rest because of one reason or other (didn't like something). I'm not desperate but looking for some filler after a recent breakup. . . to be honest.

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  • He could always be stealing this guys identity. He sounds like a good catch. But please be careful. (meet him somewhere for the first time with a lot of people around so that nothing goes horribly wrong.)

  • Don't trust anything you see online. Why would he be interested in you with no picture? It takes time to get to know someone. He could be married as well?