Was it slutty for me to ask him to teach me how to kiss?

I just started to see this new guy. On the second date we were at his house watching movies. He started to kiss me. I told him that I wasn't very good at it. He asked when the last time I kissed a guy was. I told him that he was my first, & would he teach me - I'm 20. He later said that he felt honored that I was so honest and entrusted him with my first kiss. I now however feel like it was a bit slutty to be so frank. Guys what do you think?


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  • noooot at all. It is cute not slutty. I mean it is a kiss... Don't worry about it

    • So if it's not slutty, wouldn't you consider it a bit forward just asking to be taught? What would you think of her? I guess I was just worried because it was only the second date...

    • depends how well I knew her before...i wouldn't mind


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  • How is it "slutty?" You just told him you never kissed somebody before.. He pretty much automatically assumed you're a virgin--which is the opposite of a slut.

    • He knows that I'm a virgin. So what would you think of a girl asking you to teach her?

    • I'd be flattered. I think learning how to kiss, has nothing to do with being a slut!

  • no.. he's the only guy you've ever really kissed so I don't know how you can call that slutty

    • Ok. Thanks for answering :)

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  • I know you said Guys let me know. But I was actually in this situation and asked the same thing and it made him feel good that I asked him. And eventually he ended up being "my first" . So no it's not slutty.

    • I feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one to just come out & say "teach me". I was just worried because it was the second date & was worried what he must have thought :-/