I can't understand her reaction?

I've been chatting a lot with this girl on phone, and we were getting on well, but I took sometime without calling her, and when I started calling her again things seemed to be going smoothly, but she nowadays claims to be busy a lot, and when I ask her if I did something, that she no longer get time to speak to me she says no,

I called on Sunday, and she made her phone busy, she didn't call me back later, so I call her the next the day, I first ask her if she's sleeping, but answers me in tone, that she's pissed off, and tells me to call her back tomorrow, and she hung up, when I call again she picks up, I ask her again what's wrong and she tells me that she's will speak to me tomorrow, but the problem is I have a feeling that if I call her tomorrow she may refuse to pick up? what should I do? is she fed up of me?


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  • You blew her off for a little bit. She responded well when you started calling again at first because it was a sigh of relief, but now she's annoyed and not as interested in you. If you like a girl, you don't pull a disappearing act. She doesn't trust you anymore.


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  • Well, with women when you show no interest in her and she keep being consistent with you and you stop calling her for a good while... Many thoughts is going through her mind... But its obvious that she doesn't want to be bothered with you now.. Her patience has ran out...

    But it could also be her hard to get attitude to pull you into her so you could know how she felt when she were persistent reaching you with no response...


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  • She's giving you a dose of your own medicine. She's trying to show you how SHE felt when YOU stopped calling HER.

    Girls get very hurt and confused when a guy they are talking to stops talking to them. You need to at least let them know that you have some stuff going on and that you need a bit of space for a little while, but if you drop off the Earth, they are going to get upset. And now you're starting to understand why they feel that way.