Was I too forward in this text message?

I went out with this guy a couple days ago whom I have known for a few years (mainly as acquaintances) and knew he has had a crush on me for a while or at least he did at one point. He invited me over to his house and made me dinner. We had a really good time talking that I ended up missing my bus home so I crashed at his place. We slept in the same bed and even cuddled but he didn't make a move besides that. Next day he made me a nice breakfast and we walked to the bus but he still didn't kiss me. Less than an hour after we separated he texted me saying what a great time it was and how we should do it again soon. I responded by saying "yes but next time you should kiss me ;) but only if you want to." He responded with "alright :)" then we both mutually wished one another a good day. I haven't talked to him since but this was only yesterday so it's still rather early. I am just wondering was my text a bit forward of me? Did it come off a little weird? I said it rather impulsively because I was left a little dissatisfied he didn't make a move. But perhaps I was being a bit impatient. Thoughts?


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  • You handled that perfectly. Now he knows that it's O.K. and he won't get rejected. You guys are gonna miss both buss's next time:)


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  • Nah, you just made him more anxious for the next time you meet, which I think is smart


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  • hes gay