Just a kiss or a cheater?

So my boyfriend of about 4 months now has been really good friends with this girl that he has always called his "sister." They spent most of their free time together, "working on their cars and doing photography stuff," sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning. I finally told him that it bothered me, so they quit hanging out. & last night, I got it out of him that he kissed her about a month ago. He claims that it was just a kiss, and says how much he regrets it, but I'm really hurt. I just want to know if I should consider it as cheating and break up with him, or just let it go and continue to stay with him. Helpppp! D:


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  • Well, had you agreed to be exclusive with him at the time? It is possible to like two people at once, even though it makes things very complicated. The fact that he stopped seeing the other girl gives me hope for your situation. If I were you, I'd try to cut him slack this once. Just make sure he doesn't get back into the habit of talking with this other girl. You don't want to become one part of what could turn into a love triangle.


What Girls Said 1

  • he definitely cheated. =/ but just because he cheated doesn't mean you should break up with him.

    What does your heart tell you? I mean, obviously he likes you more. Maybe he was confused? I do not know. There would be some terms if I stayed with him though..for at least a while..like, I would want to be able to check his phone when ever I wanted. And, that type of stuff. He should also do things to show me he is different. Words mean nothing to me.