What would you think if your female friend told you she never had a boyfriend?

It wasn't a secret or anything, but we were talking about something and he asked me if I ever had a boyfriend and I said no. He always asking about it. Somehow we ended up planning a double date with him and his girlfriend and another guy I know. Is it that weird for a girl in her 3rd year of high school to not have any dating experience?

I don't care that I haven't had a boyfriend, his reaction to it, is what I'm curious about it. He seems so perplexed.


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What Guys Said 1

  • In todays society, and rapidly developing culture, its not uncommon for middle schoolers to be pregnant. Which is why he may be perplexed. However there is a bunch of us awesome people (with our minds set in the 50-80's) that don't mind waiting, and going through the trauma and drama of abortions :)


What Girls Said 1

  • not at all, I am a freshman in college and have never even been on a date. he is probably just shocked because like deepthinker said it is becoming the norm for grade schoolers to be dating, which I personally think is disgusting.