GUYS: where do you like to go for a first and second date?

I had a guy ask me out today and its up to me where me go I said I'll get back to him tomorrow I need some answers please!


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  • I like to keep the first date really light so I normally take my date to a movie, then we get some ice cream or coffee and hang out around the mall. That way I have a lot of time to talk her and to get to know her better. And since we watched the movie, it gives us something to talk about either as a convo starter or just because the movie was that good. It might not seem like it's important but the movie REALLY helps with the initial awkward silence. And since I don't have my lisence yet, it's great because everythings in one building.

    The second date is less of an interview and more of an actual date now. So I like to take my dates to my uncle's restaurant Proa. It's great food, an awesome atmosphere, I can get guaranteed reservations, I know most of the staff which makes me comfortable, and as a restaurant it's high on the charts here on Guam. Then I like to take them to listen to Jessie and Ruby. Theyre a local band that play at a hotel lounge. So the entire date is spent talking and enjoying each others company. Its also great because there are couches all over the lounge so getting comfortable is very easy and, if we wanted, the hotel has a coffee shop and hagan daz in the loby. This time we just get dropped to the restaurant then we take the trolly to the hotel that Jessie and Ruby play at.

    Those are my standard first and second dates. Minor details may change depending on my date but that's generaly how they go. Now the third date is COMPLETELY designed around her interests and/or something we both agree on.


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  • First date: nice restaurant

    Second date: bedroom

    Though I just noticed you're under 18, so don't read that answer without parental guidance.

  • Mine is an evening at a steakhouse followed by walk on the beach.


    You could go with the traditional movie and Dinner/BK/McD/Pizza. The idea behind having the movie first followed by the dinner is that you watch the movie to have something in common to discuss during those awkward moments, and the dinner usually gives you time before or after which you are relaxed and able to talk to each other.

  • Mcdonalds for the first then if I have any 2 for one coupons left, then it's Mcdonalds for the second.


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