I'm in high school...he's in college. Should I give him a shot?

He's my friend's boyfriend's best friend. And recently, he got my number (friend spilled the beans that I thought he was attractive..), and texted me. The next day, he called me and we talked on the phone for a good 50 minutes. I didn't get a "player" vibe from him at all. He seemed a lot flustered actually, but through his diction and word choice, and the way he was communicating with me, I get a very sincere vibe. I feel like he's genuine and not thinking about sex at all.

I'm only a junior in high school though and he's a freshman in college. After talking with him yesterday, he told me to text him today but I haven't yet. I don't know if things would even work? What do you think?

He's 18. I'm 17.


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  • How far away does he live? If the distance is close, I'd say go for it. Long-distance relationships if he's in another city get to be mighty stressful. In the end, its your choice, but it sounds like you had a good connection with him. Go for it.

    • He lives at the most 15 min away! So I'll get to know him and see how things go :)


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  • Schrödinger's Cat

    • What?

    • It's a theoretical experiment done by a man named Erwin Schr?dinger. A cat is put into a closed box with a sealed vial of poison that could break open at a non specified time. Since all we see is the box from the outside, we won't know the fate of the cat, and because of that the cat can be considered to be both alive and dead at the same time.

      The way this relates to your question is that the relationship has the possibility of being a success or failure. You won't know which until you try.

  • If there's a one year gap I don't see the problem.

    • What about the fact that he's in college (takes night classes) and I'm in high school. Anything I should be wary about?

    • Avoid sex until you know you both have the same intentions in the relationship. Done. Remember he just came out of high school.

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  • mhmmmmm maybe get to know him a little better before you decide to make any kind of commitment... esp since he's going to college now... for me, I wouldn't waste my time because he'd be there and I'd be here.. and long distance NEVER works. besides all 18 year olds are horny little buggers lol.. trust me I know... I went on a couple of dates with one.. and I'm 22.. :s

  • I don't think you should because the chances are so slim it's going to amount to anything and I don't want you to get attached to someone who could hurt you