Why hasn't he texted me back?

Im wondering why this guy who I've been talking to for a while hasn't texted me. Before he would always try to talk to me and I would ignore him because I thought he wasn't worth my time. But I gave him a chance and I've gotten to know how much of a great guy he was.. We texted everyday & he would always call me & I would too. Thursday we texted and send little cute texts to me. But then he told me to call him and I did.. we talked for 5 min and then he said to call him in 20 min because he he had to finish some paper work. After I texted him just to make sure he was done or he wanted me to wait a little more. but he didn't text back, I thought maybe he's busy ill just wait and I fell asleep. Next morning no text but he was online on Facebook. After school I texted him.. he didn't text back and he was still online. Then today I haven't talked to him at all. I'm not going to come at him all mad because we aren't going out although when I haven't texted him he would do that to me. But still what should I do?

it makes me kinda mad because he was telling me everyday even until Thursday how much he likes me and thinks of me and can wait to see me. I'm just like what the hell... I can move on easily but stil


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  • I've run into a guy like this before and they're usually huge game players. Only an arrogant guy would tell you to call him, and when you do, tell you he's busy and to call him *again* to see if he's done. I've only run into one guy like this before, and he'd ignore me too when I'd follow these little requests of his.

    After a year or two, the tables turned, I was no longer interested but he was trying to hook me. I'd hang out with him as friends but nothing more. In those times we hung out, he'd start bragging to me about all these girls he was stringing along. How he'd tell them to call him, text him, come over, send him pics, etc. Basically jump through hoops for him, and then he'd just ignore them to see them sweat. He literally admitted all this to my face, forgetting that this was how he used to treat me.

    I'm not saying this guy is doing it on purpose, but usually the kind of guys who tell YOU to call and text all the time and then ignore you are playing mind/power games. Then after a week or so will get in touch and be all sweet like nothing happened. Not worth your time.


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  • Just call, text or talk over Facebook or whatever

    But let him know how you feel Oo


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  • just be careful when coming up for excuses for him for why he's not texting back - for example, no credit, too busy, battery low etc. all that crap. don't say anything, don't reply and do not text him back. I always get caught up in this stupid game and get carried away and text anyway. don't do anything - ignore him for a while.. if he comes back and replies within a week, (like if he texts today, text him back 24hrs later), and if he doesn't say anything to you at all over a week, he's no longer interested and he'll get the message that's its whatever/done with/over.. so be busy and live your life :) if a guy's interested, they know where to find you :). I know its a bullsh*t game but I guess we gotta play it sometimes :S