Why is he acting like this?

For a few weeks me & this boy have been getting close, so much so that he told me he had fallen for me etcc. He came round my house about a week ago & we kissed & fooled around etcc & it was good. However, the next day I was speaking to him online & he seemed a bit off with me. So I asked him if he had gone off me or whatever & if it was a waste of time me liking him & he promised he hadn't & that no it wasn't a waste of time & told me not to be like that. So I thought fine, if that's true then if things will go back to normal. However, we didn't speak for a few nights because I thought if he wanted to get in contact with me, he would. Well at 1am yesterday morning he text me saying something along the lines of, 'i don't like the fact iv'e had to text you first. I've been waiting for a text from you but it hasn't happened.' I didn't read it untill around 11 the next day & text back at about 4ish. I text him back explaining that I had gotten the impression that he had gone off me a bit & why didn't he just text me rather then waiting for me to do it? to which I'm still waiting for a reply. In the past he told me he's not used to having girls turn him down & that he will wait for me because he thinks I'm worth it. (I'd just broken up with my boyfriend) so I don't understand what's going on? I know he got my text, so I'm confused! He has unlimited texts too btw, so that can't be why. Any ideas as to what's going on?


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  • He probly just thought youd text him first. My boyfriend has days like that to, sometimes he is just having a bad day and doesn't want to talk much. Its not a big deal really, if your really worth it to him he will wait. And he said you were so he will wait. He might not have his phone on or with him so just wait, or text him back. He obviously likes you seeing as he kisses you, most guys really don't like kissing. Just wait...If he supposedly waited a fewdays for you to text him(even though you were waiting for him) He will probly be happy you texted him...

  • okayyyy. well you should have probly talked to him a little more about it. he most likely thought that you had gone off him. he was just worried and now he is probly scared. who know he ie a teen age boyy. try texting him again and ask him why he hasn't been texting you back ad that it upset you. he might come arounf. just explain yourself = D good luck