Online date lied about their appearance. Do we have date #2?

I met up with a guy from an online dating website at the weekend and he turned out to look nothing like he did in his photos. I really didn't fancy him but we got on like a house on fire. Should I see him again, just as mates or is it a bad idea? I don't want him to think I want more than friendship.


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  • I'm shocked. Shocked! No, of course you shouldn't date him. Maybe see him casually after a few weeks, but dating a proven liar? Gee...I know some girls like adventure, but that's not so exciting!

    • I like to play with fire... but yeah, it's probably not the best idea. Thanks:)

    • You're welcome! Fire isone thing, this is more like glue...!

      Remember me for best answer!

    • Thanks for best answer, and did you go ahead and date him, just out of curiosity.. yours, I mean?


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  • Perhaps they were old photos, or was it a completely different man? Some people don't take many photos of themselves, so it might have not been intentional? Does he look half-way decent in person to your standards? If you got along great and don't find him repulsive, I'd say give it another shot.

    • He's no oil painting but we could keep the lights off, I suppse... just kidding! No I think we could meet again as friends but nothing more :)

    • Well, just tell him it would be a friendship and see if he's down for that.

  • Didn't you tell him that wtf, your pics are fake!?

    WHat did he say then..

    He lied to you, so you tell him you used to be a dude, and you're one operation away form getting rid of the penis. Let's see if he still sticks around


  • If you got on and think he's fun to hang out with, I don't see a problem with hanging out again. Just let him know that you can only be friends and let him decide if that's cool.

  • Online dating websites are not really made for establishing friendship.

    I would tell him that since he lied about his pictures, he's not trustable, and cease contact.

    • Hmmmm perhaps. I don't know though, he seemed really cool :S

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  • I would tell him that you aren't interested in a relationship with him. At least be up front about it. I had a guy once do that to me too. He had pics that weren't even of him. I don't know why people do that, it only makes them look bad when you meet them because it's obvious they lied.

    But I wouldn't go on any dates with him. Let him know how you feel, and that you don't like him in that way. That way you are not leading him on.

    • Oh no, you too? That's insane. There must be THOUSANDS of liars out there, it's quite scary!

      Erm, well I on't think we'll go on any dates. I might meet him as a friend in a group but I certainly wouldn't be alone with him.

  • I say no .. if he lied once, he will lie again and again.. especially that lying about your appearance is the lowest, shallowest thing ever.. so expect anything from him. I would say get away from him before you find out he is a serial killer or something .

  • I once went on a date with a guy off a dating website that said he was 6'2. When we met he turned out to be 5'2, but argued that he really was 6'2. The height difference didn't bother me, it was that he lied about it and turned out to be a tool (having sleeves of tattoos with no meaning, checking out other girls, telling me I can't order anything more than $10).

    What exactly do you mean that you didn't fancy him but got on like a house fire? I don't understand that terminology.

    • i am thinking she got laid, maybe?

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    • Wow, that's a lie and a half! And he sounds like an absolute idiot.

      I mean we had a good laugh together but I didn't find him very attractive.

    • I wouldn't date someone who couldn't even tell the truth before you meet... that just says that the lies will get worst if you get serious