Trick Question: Let's say you are on a date that lasts 3 hours, what's the first thing you do after the date?

Details: After 3 hours of being on a date you say goodbye and walk off or you say goodbye and you get into your car and close the door to drive away or your date visited you at your house and then you walk your date towards the door, you open the door, your date walks out of your house you say goodbye and close the door. what's the first thing you do?


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  • walk back to your house


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  • Depends on way too many variables. How many dates have you been on? What was the date like? How old is this girl you dated? What time of day is it? Do you feel drained or ready for more quality time? What did you do on your date?

    I typically will walk her to her door. I may just hug or give her a kiss. If it is a makeout kiss then I probably would fondle her ass while kissing. :) But even with a great kiss, I don't expect anything more to happen. Don't get me wrong, I'd probably love to eat her out but I'm patient. :)