Are we moving too fast?

i met this guy off a dating site he wrote me last Tuesday. I wrote him back Thursday. We decided to meet Friday, I had an amazing time, he did too he text me saying lets hang out Sunday or Monday. I said Monday, he came over to my place we just watched movies and talked, we asked each other a few questions if we had a connection how many gfs/bfs we had what are we we said good meaning I think more than friends. Then he left early for work he text me after that I asked him when he can hang out he said this Thursday so its on and next Wednesday not this one. I was wondering are we going too fast. What advice can help me with this dating so we move on forward smoothly that will lead to a healthy relationship and what not to do that will make him mad I just need all the help you can give me it would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Im in a similar situation where I met a Guy online except he's originally from my area so he's down here now on vacation. In my opinion you're not moving too fast, you just want to find out more about each other. I would suggest going out in public with each other Not always going to your house. If he doesn't want to be seen with You in public then That's a bad sign he's not in it for a serious relationship. You should go on a real date, have him take you out and pay for your dinner (although I always offer to pay my half, but if he's a nice Guy he won't let you pay), maybe go out someplace fun as well.

    Also from my experience and from what I've heard about dating, Don't always be the one to initiate contact with him. Let him text/call you. Let him make future plans to see you, you shouldn't be the one to always ask when you will see him again. Guys get annoyed by That And you don't want him to feel like your smothering him. You want him to miss you And to actually WANT to see You and spend time together.

    Good luck with him :)


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  • It's not too fast. You like each other, so it's natural to spend time together. If you're worried that spending every day together is too much, then spend less of it together. There is no set rule to these things.

  • What is wrong with you, meeting people online like that isn't good & especially inviting them over your house when you don't even know each other. You should talk for at least 2 months before you meet in person at a public place. And yes you're moving too fast.